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We offer 3 video editor skill levels.

Level 1 - Includes a qualified video editor specializing in content editing, audio balancing and enhancement, stock music, color correction and static title graphics. Examples: Static name and title graphics, half and full screen bullets, 3-5 second intro/outro with logo and contact info.
Once all assets are received, the turnaround is typically 3-5 days

Level 2 - Includes a professional editor capable of adding motion graphics throughout the video.
The amount of motion graphics will consist of 25-35% of the total video.
Examples: Motion name and title graphics, half and full screen overlays and sound effects that reinforce the message.

Level 3 - Includes a motion graphics specialist able to produce a video with 100% custom animation. Visual text and graphic elements to timed to a voice over or music beats. Examples: Explainer videos, character animation and Typography.

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